March Snow 2012

It’s the middle of March and Arizona is getting smacked with a late winter storm.  Even here in Mesa the temperature is only in the mid-40s and looking east I can see snow capping the Superstition range.  Just yesterday the high was around 78 degrees, so the snow won’t last long around here. In town, we’re getting rain, with predictions of an inch or more in some locations.  It rained quite heavily here for a couple hours this morning, but has stopped for the moment.  More coming tonight and tomorrow, they say.

Up in Flagstaff, the temperature’s at 25 degrees and the snow is expected to continue falling through Monday night.  Brr!  The Snowbowl reports 19″ of new snow for today.  Snow is falling over on the White Mountains to the east, as well, but I don’t have totals there.

Snow on the Superstitions

Snow on the SuperstitionsSaguaros and Snow

Saguaros and Snow

Saguaros and Snow

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